Simple Sites Big Profits

Simple Sites Big Profits by Marcus Campbell (Reviewed)

Product:  Simple Sites Big Profits

Publisher:  Marcus Campbell

Product Subject:  How to Make Money Online

If you are brand new at this, can you really make one small website (in just a few hours) that will generate $27 a day (about $800 a month) and then repeat the process?

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There are lots of regular folks that do make real money with their own website. We are not talking about eBay® style sites here. While selling and shipping physical products is a genuine way to make money on the Internet, after the “new” wears-off, a high percentage of people give up on that type of Internet business because someone has to check in and fulfill the orders every day. And the profit margins are typically very low on physical products.

We are talking about websites that you set up to run on autopilot. Now that may seem like pie-in-the-sky, if you have never really thought about how people make money online. You have probably helped some of these people make money without even knowing it. Now obviously if you have ever purchased an e-book, music download, or something similar you realized someone got paid. After all, it was your credit card that paid them. But have you ever been on a website and click on one of those flashing banners, well odd are the owner of that website was paid anywhere from a few pennies to a few dollars for that click. I know you're already thinking it, why doesn't the website owner just sit there and click the banners himself all day long. You are not the first one to think of that. Click fraud software and technologies have pretty much put an end to the practice which has led to higher payouts for genuine traffic.

Yes, there is some work to setting up a site and there is a learning curve on how to set up a site. But once learned how everything works you can set your website(s) up to run on autopilot. You will need to check in from time to time and make sure everything is working okay.

You can also set up a site that sells your own product and it does not have to be a physical product. If you have never purchased a downloadable product, you are probably over the age of 40 and are very “old school”. That's not an insult. It's probably a compliment to the fact that you are careful and have good money management skills. But tons of people do buy downloadable products every day. Ranging from e-books to videos to online software. If you know where to look, all of these products are available with resale and private label rights. That means you purchase the rights to sell the product on your website with your own download page and you keep all the profits.

If you are worried about the techie part of all this stuff, don't be. Almost everything to do with websites these days is point-and-click. The hardest part for most new people is getting started on the right foot and learning how to tie all of this stuff together. Once they have the site up and live on the net the next trick is how to get visitors. There are literally billions of websites out there you are competing with. Luckily for us, most site owners have no idea of how to show up in the search engines when web surfers type in terms related to their site.


Misconceptions about how to show up at the top of the page on Google® and other search engines.

If you would ever want to separate the truth from the misconceptions, you obviously would first have to know the truth. Without looking at the real thing, you can never recognize the non genuine copy of that. Take the example of the currency notes. You want to know whether a $50 bill is genuine or not. Can you determine whether it is genuine or counterfeit without looking at the real one? If you have never seen a real and genuine $50 bill, you would never be able to differentiate between a genuine and a counterfeit bill. The same is about search engine optimization. If you do not know what the genuine SEO techniques are, you would never be able to know what the misconceptions are. You would consider them to be true.

Search engine optimization is all about improving your website and getting rewarded for that. Anything that talks about other things would not be the right thing. That would be a misconception about the SEO. Here are some of the common misconceptions which are attached to the SEO.

The people think that the SEO is a weapon against the search engines. They think that the web masters are continuously at war with the search engines and they will either have to defeat or trick the search engines in order to get ranking. But this is absolutely untrue. There is no reality like this at all. No one is at war with the search engines. The search engines will simply reward anyone who does good things with his websites. The search engines will recognize the good websites and will rank them higher automatically. So it is cooperation and not a war. You do not have to beat the search engines. There is no need to think about the ways to trick the search engine. You will simply have to do the right things and you will get rewarded for that. The search engines care for the internet users and they tend to give them the better websites on the front page.

The other major misconception is about the submission services. The people believe that they need to hire someone to submit their website to the search engines. These web masters would go for anyone who makes an offer to submit your website to thousands of search engines just for a small monthly fee. This is complete non-sense. What you need to do is to simply use the search engine optimization strategies which will bring the search engine robots to your website. If your website has the right techniques used, then the robot will crawl your website and will automatically index it. You will not have to do anything else to submit your websites to the search engines.

Many people think that the search engine optimization is the most difficult thing to learn and to use on your own website. This is another misconception. You can easily learn the SEO and can start using it on your own website. There is nothing difficult about it. You will only have to make sure that you are willing to work hard and that you are ready to face the challenges ahead.


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